Hi. I'm Keyur Patel.

And this is my Personal Webpage.
Thank you for visiting this site and I hope you will explore it and admire it’s technical details. I am pursuing my Bachelors in Software Engineering at University of Texas at Arlington.

Learn about my Skills

I design and develop amazing Web Stuff.

Design | Program | Develop


  •   C/C++
  •   Java
  •   PHP-MySQL
  •   HTML5-CSS3
  •   Assembly x88
  •   Python

Knowledge Base

  •   Bootstrap 3.0
  •   CMS-Drupal 7.0
  •   SQL Developer
  •   Netbeans/Eclipse IDE
  •   ADT Bundle/Android Studio
  •   Phonegap
  •   SVN/GitHub


  •   ATT Coding Challange Winner (Team project-Android Application)
  •   Volunteered at DEBS 2013 Conference, University of Texas at Arlington- June 2013

Designing Awesome Stuff is my Passion.

Some of the work was done as part of school project & some as professional.

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Role: SQL Developer/Web Designer

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